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MITKI Homepage Contributors

I d like to thank all who helped and continues to help me to establish MITKI on the Internet. Sometimes your support comes as advice or a comment, sometimes - as a file or information about Mitki. Thank you all very much.

First of all there are the members of MITKI union! Without their creativity and talant there would be no homepage to talk about! Thank you guys, now that we are getting to know each other a little better, I apreciate your deeds more and more.

However I want to mention the contribution of Dr. Eugene Zubkov especially. His long friendship with Mitki and large Mitki archive collected during these years made him a priceless benefactor. God bless him!

Vladimir Levchenko is constantly helping Mitki Homepage to stay current. God speed!

"Our only" sestrenka Elena Green is helping me to make this page a place for hangouts (tusovok) for all bratishek and sestrenok. You can see sestrenka's work on the homepage dedicated to Robertushke Jordanushke.

Bratushka Roman Leibov was the first to sent me MITKI posters and express his support for which I am forever grateful.

Several years ago Peter Vorobieff posted "Evangelie from Mitki" on usenet group k12.lang.russian, I have saved it and used for the homepage. Thank you, dear bratok!

Slava Borisov gave me many good advice and hints that led to reorganization of the homepage.

Bratishka Shoora and sestrenka Olen'ka gave Mitki homepage text of "Papuas from Gonduras" by V.Shinkarev. Go Blue! They have obtained it from bratushka Dmytro Bondarchouck

Dima Zverev has generously contributed the e-text of "Verses of Dmitry Shagin" and provided long-expected comments about MITKI page setup.

Sofware support and expertise

Sergei Naumov helped me to setup the Russian fonts on our unix computers. Without him and Sashi Vorob'eva, who gave me advice on the russification of Solaris OS, I would not be able to support koi-8 russian encoding.

Sema Hawkin created several programs that I have used for translation between different encodings. I don't know who wrote the other programs, but if you have - Thank you! Very likely I am using it.

Walter Maksimovich helped me with Russian keyboard mapping for Microsoft Windows.

Vladimir Smirnov donated his UNICOD.EXE universal translator, and I am using it to transform the transliterated 'beliberda' into Russian koi-8 encoding. Thanks a lot!

And last but not the least is yours not-so-humble-servant Egor Alekseev, who recently received his full share of thanks from dear bratushki D.Shagin and Vassily Golubev

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