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MITKI do not want to defeat anybody!
(whispering) this is why they will win the world

Exhibition "Mitki in New York"
Featured artist: Dmitry Shagin, Dec.4 2007- Jan.5 2008, InterArt Gallery

NEW JOINT MITKI AND the KROKODIL magazine website dedicated to Alternative Mitki G8 Summit

Mitki released a new CD "Mitki Dances" (review in Nevsky Vremia)

Mitki publishing house "Krasnyi Matros(Red Navy)" (Mikhail Sapego) is now on the web

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This homepage was established Nov.11, 1995 to spread the word about artistic group ``MITKI'', that originated in St.-Petersburg, Russia.

Daniil Kharms
Реклама в Интернет

About Mitki

Materials from MITKI Retrospective Exhibition in Russian Museum, St-Peterburg

Latest News and Legends of MITKI movement

History of Mitki and their recent social activities including Mitki-Journal and What's New

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Here you can find an incomplete and informal list of Mitki members and links to their works


Must-read books for every self-respecting mitki-man ``MITKI'', ``Maxim and Feodor'' and ``Papuas iz Gondurasa'', and also "Remembering Danill Kharms"


Paintings and graphics by Mitki


Songs performed by Mitki and music loved by Mitki


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