Reklama na Kulichkah

MITKI Literature

MITKI, described by V.Shinkarev and drawn by A.Florensky

A principal document of MITKI or
``MITKI for dummies''

"Maksim and Feodor" by V.Shinkarev

A vessel of wisdom for a learner of zen.

"Papuasian From Honduras" by V.Shinkarev

"Domestic Hedgehod" by V.Shinkarev

Verses by Dmitry Shagin

Collection of verses written by Dmitry Shagin between 1974-1994


Online editions of MITKI-MAGAZINE newspapers

Gold in the Wind by Victor Tihomirov

Avanturistic story in three parts
Illustrated by Aleksander Florenskii

My Heroic Drunken Past by Aleksander Florenskii

A collection of cartoons by Aleksander Florenskii

Poems of Oleg Grigoriev

Illustrated by Aleksander Florenskii

Children Poems of Oleg Grigoriev

Illustrated by Aleksander Florenskii
(Published by 'Veselye Kartinki')

Fairtale about the North Pole

Illustrated by V.Shinkarev

Fairtale about LENIN

Illustrated by V.Golubev

We work in the Harbor

Written and Illustrated by Rihard Vasmi

Verses "Razroznennye Khe" by Mikhail Sapego

Illustrated by V.Golubev

Remembering Daniil Kharms

By Igor Smirnoff-Ohtin and Dmitry Shagin, illustrated by D.Shagin

Mitki and Sex

By Vladimir Shinkarev and Dmitri Shagin

Public Mitki statement regarding Mitki-Evangelie

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