Dyk !

Sasha Chupakov (shure@dircon.co.uk)
Sun, 15 Oct 95 17:31:20 -0700

Message-Id: <199510151627.AA05679@felix.dircon.co.uk>
Date: Sun, 15 Oct 95 17:31:20 -0700
From: Sasha Chupakov <shure@dircon.co.uk>
To: yegor@engin.umich.edu
Subject: Dyk !

Brato Egurushka, Dyk
Ely-Paly to
Ved ya bratok tebe
Da vot pomirau, uhi prosit
I can't be an experienced reader, oh can't
how can I read your representation..
Maybe you can send me 'Archive of K12-mitki' in text
I'll retype it in english letters for WWW, or why not
put it in Russian on WWW?
Oh bratushechka, prishli mailom, vtykau!!!
Mojet chem pomogu...
Ved ty bratok mne, bratushechka..
Ely paly to!!!