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Wed, 13 Mar 1996 10:52:06 -0800

Date: Wed, 13 Mar 1996 10:52:06 -0800
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Subject: Your site awarded 3 stars by Magellan

Greetings WebMaster! Our records show that you are the contact person for


Your Internet site has been reviewed and rated by The McKinley Group's
professional editorial team. We are delighted to designate your resource
as a "3-Star" site. Our sincerest congratulations! This rating is a
special mark of achievement in Magellan, McKinley's comprehensive Internet
directory of nearly 2 million sites and 40,000 reviews. As a Magellan
3-Star site, you are being awarded a special logo to recognize the hard
work that has gone into establishing and maintaining your site.

The McKinley Group was founded in 1993 by a team of international
publishers, technologists and information specialists. We are committed to
delivering the best navigational and informational directory for the
Internet. Our reviews of WWW, FTP, and gopher sites, as well as mailing
lists and Usenet newsgroups have appeared in print and online form, as well
as CD-ROM. In addition, these site reviews will be republished as part of
licensing agreements with Time Warner's Pathfinder, AT&T, The Microsoft
Network, IBM, Europe Online, NYNEX, and other information providers. Your
site has excelled in our rigorous review process, in which we consider
three primary factors: depth of content, ease of exploration, and Net

As an award winning site, we encourage you to display your 3-Star logo
proudly. It can be downloaded from our special 3-Star Web site at
and hyperlinked to our home page at

In addition, we have gotten many requests from webmasters who want to offer
visitors a direct link to our powerful search engine. The following HTML
code will add a form that enables anyone at your site to search Magellan
directly. If you feel that this would be a benefit for you and your users,
please feel free to utilize it.

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<p><A HREF="">(Click
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If you maintain more than one site, you might receive a separate message
for each one that we have reviewed. We have attempted to be as accurate as
possible in your site review. However, as information on the net changes so
frequently, please let us know if there are any factual corrections that
need to be made. In order to speed the process, please send us the old URL
and any updated information.

Congratulations again on your 3-Star award! We wish you continued success
in all of your online endeavors.


The McKinley Group, Inc.