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mitki for the russian navy

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Mit'kovskie pesni ``Raskinulos' more shiroko''

Collection of Mitki songs ``Wide the sea has spread...(Raskinulos' more shiroko'') is intended for listening by sailors, officers, and admirals of the Russian navy on the board of military vessels, far and local trade ships, and at home. The disk brings forward a feeling of patriotism, loyalty to military oath, and hatred to the enemy of the Peace, it calls for the feelings of Friendship, Brotherhood, Self-respect, and Honor.

Mitki songs help to see the beauty of our life, our country. They motivate a sailor to fullfill his service flawlessly, to follow the navy traditions and rituals, instill a feeling of love to the sailor's ship, flag, and navy uniform.

  1. Po moryam - Po volnam,
    by Vyacheslav Butusov
    folk music and text
  2. Molodoi Moryak,
    by Aleksandr Sklyar
    music by A.Averkin and text by V.Bokov
  3. Leisya pesnya na prostore,
    by Boris Grebenshikov
    music by V.Pushkov and text by A.Aspolom
  4. Raskinulos' more shiroko,
    by Yuri Shevchuk
    folk music and text
  5. ``Varyag'',
    by Mitki choir
    folk music and text by E.Studenskaya

    mitki for the russian navy


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