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Chronology of Mitki movement

What's New -- most recent news about Mitki

With regards to recent excommunication of "Priamai riech" editor Vladmir Soloviev from the Russian Orthodox Church (Report by Radio Svoboda) Mitki once more decisively stated their non-involvement in the creation of that sacriligeous text. Please refer to an official statement by Mitki of June 7, 1999 as well as an open letter to the magazine "Liza" published by Mitki in October 1997.

Mitki Exhibition: 15 years of the movement

in Centrall Exhibition Hall "Manezh"

6 years has passed since tragic death of Oleg Grigoriev

City Newspaper Nevskoye Vremya remembers Oleg Grigoriev.

Action: "Professional Ear"

An exhbition opened December 4, 1997. It's dedicated to the sacrifice of Mitya Shagin, who had offered his ear to Evander Hollyfield.

Mitki are returning from a trip to Munich

Mitki have visited Munich, Germany. The trip is almost at the end and the materials from the exhibitions are expected soon.

Boris Smelov passed away

Boris Smelov tragically died in January at the age of 47. Boris Smelov was the most talented photographer in Russia. Boris was the official Mitki photographer and Dmitry Shagins' step-father. Smelov's memorial service was attended by approximately 300 people. He was buried at the Smolenskoye Othodox Cemetery.

Mitki are going to The Holy Land as pilgrims

According to Dr. Eugene Zubkov Mitki, including, such personalities as Dmitry Shagin, Vladimir Shinkarev, Vassily Golubev, Vladimir Rekshan, Dyusha Romanov, and Dr.Zubkov are going to visit the Holy Land this Orthodox Easter. They will be led by Father Markell (Igumen) of Feodorovskii Cathedral in Tsarkoye Syelo.

Mitki have Politburo Session

According to Dr. Eugene Zubkov Mitki have stripped Sergei Lobanov of his self-appointed directorship of Mitki. He is no longer to be called "bratushka" and not allowed to use Mitki copyright.

Mitki Gallery Opens

20 at 16 Ulitsa Pravdy, near Vladimirskaya Metro Station

Interview with Andrei Bitov (transliteration)(postscript)

is published in Russian Central Magazine "Ogonyok"

A letter from Sergei Lobanov and Dmitri Shagin lists some more recent Mitki exhibitons:

  1. 21.01.97 "Levchenko zhiv!" na vechere pamiati V.Vysockogo. Moscovskiy dvorec molodezhi. Seriia komp'uternoy fotografii s ispol'zovaniem kadrov "Mesto vstrechi..."
  2. Russkiy patent. O. & A. Florenskie. Dec. 1996 Borey Art Gallery SPb.
  3. Mitki - flotu. Mart - Aprel' 1996. Central'niy voenno-morskoy muzey SPb.
  4. Nov 1996. Moscva. Central'niy Dom Hudozhnika. Expoziciya Mit'kov na Rossiyskoi hudozhestvennoy iarmarke "Art Moskva".

Kochegar (Mitki on Battle-Cruiser Avrora)

Musical Mitki movie where popular artists perform favorite navy songs.

Sergey Kuryokhin International Interdisciplinary Festival

SKIIF was held in January 15-25, 1997. New York City, at the Knitting Factory and Washington Square Church.

Alternative Concerts at M.Sapego's place

Posters from Eugene Feklistov shows at Sapego's place

MITKI Polaroid Blow-Up Exhibition

Special Mitki Polaroid exhibition took place June 5-17, 1996 at Kuznechny Most 20, Moscow.

St-Petersburg Weekly "Chas Pik" about MITKI

Vladimir Shinkarev talks about MITKI visits to Italy in the article "Mежду богоносцами и терминаторами" (available in koi-8 and Windows cyrillic)
Published by "Chas Pik"

St-Petersburg Prospects about MITKI

Alexander and Olga Florensky opened a new exhibition in St-Petersburg. Learn more about the exhibition and current state of Mitki (in English)
Published by St-Petersburg Prospects

Interview with Vladimir Shinkarev

The author of most of MITKI literature Vladimir Shinkarev talks about his view on Mitki phenomena. Here also his musical preferences and an article about his literaturary gift
Published by by BEAT? (Available only in Russian)

Collection of MITKI Posters

Mitki sponsor many cultural events in St-Petersburg. Rock band ``Auktsion'' and super-star Boris Grebenshikov are some of the participants. The collection was brought to me with the help of Vladimir Rekshan (leader of one of the oldest Russian rock-n-roll bands ``St-Petersburg'')

MITKI Photo Archive

Archive includes pictures from MITKI exhibition ``For Father Martin'' and from Dr.Zubkov's recent trip to StPete.

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