Reklama na Kulichkah

Mitki on the Internet

Finally a place to leave your comments

Letters from Bratishek and Sestrenok
Letters from MITKI page visitors are collected here.
I tried to obtain permission to reproduce them here, but if your letter is displayed without your consent please let me know and I will remove it

Archives of Mitki threads in k12.lang.russian
k12.lang.russian was the first place where Mitki appeared on the Internet.

Archives of Mitki thread in soc.culture.russian
Soc.Culture.Russian is a Usenet newswgroup densely populated by Russians who live abroad (mostly in the USA). For more information see SCR FAQ

Mitki Are Helping Bill Gates to Russify Windows 95
(Bill Gates is B.G. just like Russian Rock-N-Roll superstar Boris Grebenshikov)

ROBERTushka JORDANushka and Tusovka
Work of Elena Green the founder of myshizm

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