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Mitki In New York City Exhibition
December 4, 2007-January 8, 2008


NEW JOINT MITKI AND the KROKODIL magazine website dedicated to Alternative Mitki G8 Summit starting July 2006

May 9, 2006: The Victory-Day Celebration Interview with Dmitry Shagin in Petersburg Diary

Mitki Homepage has moved to a new website on April 19, 2006! Stand by for more updates!

April 1999

Mitki Exhibtion "Mitki on Long Island" opened on March 25th 1999 in (sic!) Long Island!!!
Interart Gallery, 389A New York Avenue, Huntington, NY 11743

Mitki presented their music and movies at the Lion's Den in NYC on April 7th, 1999:

February '99

MITKI CDROM on the web
Program is a success. It is made in similar manner to the computer game "Monti-Pythons Complete waste of time". CD contains animated Mitki fables, music videos of Mitki songs, Mitki paintings, and computer game "Save the little sister".
Only short segments of the animations and videos are available on the web, but it is still plenty of fun.

Подпишитесь на "Объявления Митьковской Странички" -- и вы будете извещены о новостях, изменениях и пополнениях на нашем братковском шмудаке

Митьки очень рады поотягиваться на интернетном шмудаке и официально поддерживают эту страницу: [Митьки поддерживают интернетушку], [Персональное посвящение В.Голубева], [Золотая Кружка от В.Шинкарева] и [Артифакт Йые от А. и О. Флоренских]

January '99

Movement toward Yiye Mr. and Mrs. Florenskii
Complete text of Prof. Barinov's diaries hosted by Radio Baltics
Personal Homepages of Mitki Members
Incomplete and informal list of Mitki members and links to their works

December '98

Dmitri Shagin is shocked by the murder of Galina Starovoitova, whom knew and was personally and politically collaborating. See a story by AP
Books by Publishing House "Red Sailor"
After eight hard years Mitki Alphabet has been published
Also check online version
St-Petersburg paper about anti-alcohol activities of Mitki

November '98

Viktor Tihomirov's Studio
A new website dedicated to Mitki is being created by Maxim Peregood, a long-time friend of Viktor Tihomirov
Visit of Mitki members to Mount Athos in Greece
Dmitry Shagin and Eugene Zubkov have just returned from the Pilgrimage to the Holy Mt. Athos where unfortunately no other members of Mitki could join them. Dyusha and Kolya Bekh were there, plus some other friends. The group visited 7 monasteries and traveled extensively in the Monastery Republic of the Mount Athos. The group was headed by by Father Markell this time. Next year Mitki plan a trip to Constantinople and Holy places of Italy.

October '98

Mitki released a computer program "Mitki".
Samples of Mitki animations and music videos are placed on the web
Mitki have organized charity rock-show "The House on the Hill" (article in St-Petersburg News (in English))
The show was dedicated to the opening of the first private alcohol addiction treatment center. Among participants were such bands as Auktsion, Dysha Romanov, Sankt-Petersburg, Kolibri, DDT
Pillgrimage of Mitki to the Holy Land
Mitki have completed an official pillgrimage to Jerusalem on Easter 1998

September '98

September '98

Mitki page @ S-Petersburg Tour-Guide Page
Exhibitions of Tihomirov and Grebenshikov
Mitki Page @ Guelman Gallery
Project "Vodka" is also reperesented here
Vladimir Shinkarev "Empire of Feelings"
(how to get drunk and why to get drunk)
"Serapionov's Sisters"
Article by A.Florenskii
Notes of influence of village Felapontovo
Vologda district on life and art style of Mitki
Article by Viktor Tikhomirov in "Neva Times" newspaper
about art activities in St-Petersburg
3 posters by Florenskii
sent by Vlad Levchenko
S-Petersburg Times
Online newspaper about S-Petersburg
Mitki Phenomena Page
English Translations of Shinkarev's works by Mark Bence

May '98

Mitki Exhibition: 15 years of the movement
in Centrall Exhibition Hall "Manezh"
from city newspaper "Friday"
Mitki and AA program
The most recent interview with Dr. Zubkov on the hot
topic of Russian life with refernce to his dear friends
from the central newspaper "Argumenty and Facts"
The Second Annual Sergey Kuryokhin International Festival (SKIF2)
takes place in NYC May 6-10th, 1998.
Nevskoye Vremya (Neva Times) remembers Oleg Grigoriev
April 30th was 6 anniversary since his untimely passing...

April '98

Mitki: A Restrospective Celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the Mitki Movement
Manezh Central Exhibition Hall Daily 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Petersburg's Mikti group presents various works in the tradition of their underground, pacifist philosophy.
Members of the Mitki "Politburo" participating include Dmitry Shagin, Vladimir Shinkarev, and
Alexander and Olga Florensky. Ends April 17.
Also see St-Petersburg Vedomosti about the exhibition

Professional Ear
by Vasily Golubev and Nikolai Bekh
Mitki leader Dmitry Shagin offers his ear to Evander Hollyfield

February '98

Mitki are returning from a trip to Munich
Mitki Photographer Boris Smelov passed away
Alexander Florenkii "Russian Album"
Verses "Razroznennye Khe" by Mikhail Sapego (tm)
"Mitki and Sex"
"Mitki remember Daniil Kharms"
News about Mitki activities

January '98

"About Lenin" fairtale (Drawings by V.Golubev)
"About the North Pole" fairtale (drawings by V.Shinkarev)
"We work in the harbor" by Rihard Vasmi

October '97

DDT Tours USA in December
Mitki write an open letter regarding "Mitki Evangelie"

September '97

Mitki Page moved to new location
Shagin's videoclip
and other cool "real audio/video" on

June '97

"Vodka" Anti-Alcoholic Project
Gallery of Vladimir Yashke by Pavel Severov

May '97

Mitki Homepage Guestbook
Finally a place to leave your comments

Mitki Mail Bag update
Collection of letters from Mitki page surfers

Mitki Gallery Opens
20 at 16 Ulitsa Pravdy, near Vladimirskaya Metro Station

Mitki Polaroid Blow-Up Exhibition
5-17 June 1996, Moscow

Kochegar (Mitki on Battle-Cruiser Avrora)
Musical Mitki movie where popular artists
perform favorite navy songs.

Aleksandr Florenskii sends a letter to the homepage.

Februry-April '97

Russian Central Magazine "Ogonyok" publishes an interview with Andrei Bitov (one of the best contemporary Russian writers) and it is about Mitki

Vladimir Shinkarev helps with the homepage design and spring-cleaning. More on that later.

A letter from Sergei Lobanov and Dmitri Shagin lists some more recent Mitki exhibitons:

  1. 21.01.97 "Levchenko zhiv!" na vechere pamiati V.Vysockogo. Moscovskiy dvorec molodezhi. Seriia komp'uternoy fotografii s ispol'zovaniem kadrov "Mesto vstrechi..."
  2. Russkiy patent. O. & A. Florenskie. Dec. 1996 Borey Art Gallery SPb.
  3. Mitki - flotu. Mart - Aprel' 1996. Central'niy voenno-morskoy muzey SPb.
  4. Nov 1996. Moscva. Central'niy Dom Hudozhnika. Expoziciya Mit'kov na Rossiyskoi hudozhestvennoy iarmarke "Art Moskva".

January '97

E-version of Mitki Gazeta N1 on the web
Here We Are Unlimited, Inc., Boris Rayskin, artistic director,
brings the SKIIFestival to New York and the world in memory
and celebration of the great russian pianist.

December '96

Live Performance by AQUARIUM Dec.28, 7pm Moscow Time
Mitki quotation books have been updated
Mitki - Gazeta N3

November '96

Book of Verses by Dmitry Shagin
Land of YIYE -- by Alexander and Olga Florenskii
Mitki quotation books
Mitki celebrity photos
Legendar bratok of NYC -- Konstantin Kuzminskii

September '96

Mitki record the second musical album which immediately becomes an absolutely necessary for any self-respecting Mityok:

June '96

Mitki continue their support of WWW page: they have sent me even more valuable brochures and books:

May '96

Mitki Endorse the Homepage
Mitki found out about this homepage and were very happy. They provided Dr.Zubkov a bunch of presents and interesting materials for our effort. Here are personalized dedications from Vassily Golubev and Dmitry Shagin

Mitki' Silence
Mitki have release a major contribution to Russian folk music - "Mitki' Silence" is a professionally produced compilation of some of the most famous Russian urban lirics performed by Dmitry Shagin and great Russian rock-idols: Boris Grebentshikov and Vyacheslav Butusov

April '96

Oleg Grigoriev's Children Poetry
Illustrated by Aleksander Florenski and published by "Veselye Kartinki"

Oleg Grigoriev's Poetry
The booklet is illustrated by Aleksander Florenski

Vladimir Shinkarev's Paintings
Collection of paintings by Vladimir Shinkarev

March '96

MITKI Mailbag
Letters from MITKI Homepage visitors - dorogih bratkov i sestrenok

January '96

Papuan from Gonduras
Another great book by Vladimir Shinkarev

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