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Grete Marstein (gmarstei@online.no)
Thu, 01 Aug 96 10:23:46 -0700

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Date: Thu, 01 Aug 96 10:23:46 -0700
From: Grete Marstein <gmarstei@online.no>
To: yegor@engin.umich.edu
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I am a visual artist in Norway. beside my artistic work I work for the
Norwegian Visual Artist Assosiation. for the time being I am in charge of
their intranational contacts and electyed member of the bord of the
International association of Art IAA/AIAP, a Non Governmental organisation
(NGO) in the Unesco system.
IAA is an organisation that work for the artists (not the ART) and is
mainly busy with issues such as the social and economical status of the
visual artists, custom clearencec, workshops and artists in recidencies
I am elected for 1996/97 the leader of the European network: ERC of IAA.
I look forward to get more information about the life of visual artists in
St Petersburg

greetings from a rainy and cold Olso

grete marstein