thanks for looking

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Wed, 07 Aug 96 08:56:20 -0700

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Date: Wed, 07 Aug 96 08:56:20 -0700
From: Fotograf Lars Hansson AB <>
Subject: thanks for looking

nice to see your pages.
I=B4m a Swedich photografer and I have been i Russia well I think 25 times.
Specially I like S:t Petersburg. Last time I was there was 3 weeks ago.
This time I was takeing pictures of famus and interesting S:t Petersburgs artist.
They are doing a wonderful work.
My trips to Russia started 10 years ago when I took pictures of hauses and
palaces for an American magasin in L.A. and from there I have been back as
often as possible.
I also work with my pictures in conputters but I=B4m not an expert I still
like my cameras better.
I have one speciallity and that is to put pictures ( 20 ) on one PC-diskett
1,44 with program and everything. I will send you one as soon as I now haw to do
it if you are interested. I will put my russians painters on this disketts
and hopfully help them to sell it.
Fore the moment I have my sun 17 years old in S:t Peterburg. He have been
traing by bike for two weeks in a camp. He will live today for Stockholm. I hope
to be back as soon as possible.
Take care of Petersburg and yourself
Regard Lars